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Local Urban Legends
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A History of Local Urban Legends from Delaware and PA

Cossart Road
Known to most people as: "The Hell House", "Devils Road", "The Cult House", "The Devil House". Located deep with in "the valley" the road is supposed to a site of great satanic power and worship.  The story starts really in the 50's or 60's when the KKK would meet back in the woods.  Many people where hung and burned on a path next to a house on Cossart.  The path was marked by a fence that contained to large wooden spikes.  These events where soon shut down but that where the legend truly starts.  The path was said to be haunted, that you could hear screams, cries or simply the dead bodies swinging on the trees branches.  Soon the house became a place for satanic rituals and worship. It is said that sacraficies were made there, and the road was cursed.  The legend says that the road is so evil that the trees will actually grow away from the road.  A dead baby was found in a tree that is shaped like a skull and if you put a tape recorder in the tree and plpay it back very high you can hear the baby ghost cry and whining. Many people have gone back to the house and the tree and have many stories of strange things occuring.  The most common story is being chased off by a large white SUV which tries to run you off the road.  Some many people came back in fact the road actually was shut down for a year.  The road is back open now.  However, M. Night Shyamalan just finished filming a movie titled "The Village" in a field on Cossart.  The movie did not have anything to do about the legend though.

More Legends Coming Soon including The Twin Tunnels of Downingtown

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